Get Involved

Get Involved!

Here, sir, the people govern.
— Alexander Hamilton

It's still early in the campaign season, but it's never too early to start showing your support. Here are some ways you can make a difference right now:

Collect Signatures

I'm going to need a few thousand signatures to even get on the ballot. Click here to learn how you can help!

Plan a Party!

If you like planning parties and know a few people who might like to meet me, get in touch! I'm happy to meet with small groups, large groups, and everything in between. We can schedule a time that's convenient for everyone. I'll bring chips and homemade guacamole! (My wife Laura makes a mean guac.)

Voice Your Support on Democracy for America

Democracy for America is an organization created by Howard Dean. They provide support to candidates that prove the people support them.

Voicing your support is super easy: just click this link and pledge your support! The pledge requires that you tell them your name, email address, and zip code.

Follow Me on Social Media

With each new age comes a new way of connecting and communicating with people. Unfortunately, most of the time when you tweet at public figures or comment on their posts you never know if they're reading your words, and you can almost guarantee they won't respond. And, half the time, they're not even the ones actually running their accounts.

I think that's a waste. Social media can make you accessible, which is something most politicians struggle with.

If you want to know what I'm up to or just engage in public discussion, follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I'm there, and I'm active.


Frankly, there's no way we're going to out-spend Martha McSally. She has the support of some very rich people, and her campaign spent over $8 million in 2016, five times as much money as her opponent. When you fight money with money, the rich always win. I intend to win with people, not money.

That said, even people-oriented campaigns are expensive, so any contributions help. Twenty dollars, ten dollars, five dollars; every donation adds up and gives me more resources to get out there and connect with voters. I'll make sure your donation makes a difference.

Donate here.

Connect with Local Activist Groups

There are some great organizations here in this district that are putting the pressure on Martha McSally and raising awareness of how she's failing to do her job. These organizations are non-partisan and not associated with any candidate, but nevertheless they're doing important work that de facto supports my cause, simply by calling out Martha McSally's disdain for her constituents:

Indivisible Southern Arizona

McSally Take a Stand

Sign Up to Volunteer

As the campaign continues, we will have more and more opportunities for volunteers to get involved and help out with the campaign. Whether you want to help out steadily throughout the campaign or just sign up for the crunch time before the election, you can sign up here!


Anyone can do this one. Just talk! Talk about me to your friends, your family, and your Twitter followers. Link them to my website, and invite them to get in touch. I want to hear from them!

That's most of what you can do for me for now. If you know other ways people can support this campaign, please get in touch and I'll add your ideas to this list. As the campaign season ramps up,  there's going to be more to do, so sign up for my newsletter for updates!

Header photo credit: majunznk