Charlie Verdin

Sincerity. Transparency. Finally.

Serving Tucson, Green Valley, Bisbee, Sierra Vista,  Douglas, Benson,
Willcox, Tombstone, and the rest of Cochise and eastern Pima counties.

My Vision for Congress

Congress was intended to be our nation's most important branch of the government. However, for most of the past 10 years Congress has failed to maintain an approval rating over 20%. According to the American people, Congress is failing us.

I intend to get us back on track.

First and foremost, a member of the House of Representatives should represent their district. In order to do so, they should be constantly engaged with the people of their districts. As important as it is to be connected and involved with community and business leaders, it's also vital to be as accessible as possible to everyone else as well.

By becoming more connected to the people of our districts and helping them become active, educated, and involved, Congress can earn its respect back and once again take a position of leadership in the federal government.

Transparency and Connectivity

Washington, D.C. is over 2,000 miles away from Arizona. In the past, staying connected to people that far away was a challenge. Today, it is not.

With the Internet, we have an unprecedented ability to stay closely connected with each other. Through daily reports posted online, you can know what exactly I'm doing on your behalf on a daily basis. You can know how I'm spending my time, what bills are coming up, what research we have available to inform a decision, and, most importantly, a platform from which you can let me know how you would like me to vote on your behalf. (In addition to the more traditional methods, such as calls and letters, of course.)

Let's modernize representation.

Information and Education

Most people don't really understand what a Congressman does on a daily basis. How do they spend their time? How much time do they spend in Washington rather than their home district? How do they make their decisions?

I intend to change that.

Through my daily reports, I intend to give you unprecedented insight into what exactly this job entails. When possible, you will know what sorts of bills I'm working on and why. If and when a bill must be kept secret, when details are revealed I will also reveal the reason for the secrecy.

When deciding on how I intend to vote on a bill, I will let you know the text of that bill, as well as providing a plain English translation for those of us who don't speak Legalese. I will also let you know which direction I'm leaning on the bill and why, then invite your input. In this way, you will always know where I stand, and you will have the opportunity to affect the outcome if you disagree.

Honesty and Integrity

Nothing erodes our democracy as efficiently as corruption, and Congress is never short on allegations of corruption.

I am not an opulent man. I don't work to become wealthy; I work for the joy of doing well.

That said, I don't intend for you to simply trust me when I say I'm not tempted by corruption. I intend to leave myself open to scrutiny: Through my daily reports, you will know who I'm meeting with; particularly lobbyists and campaign contributors.

Of course, all campaign contributions will be tracked and reported as per FEC rules. Beyond that, I intend to work toward legislation that makes the sources of campaign contributions transparent.

Beyond that, I intend for my daily reports to serve as proof that, so long as I'm serving this district, I will be working hard.

Transparency is key to battling corruption.

Leading by Example

Given the chance, I will serve as an example of what a true, honest representative democracy can look like. With the help of modern technology and communication methods, representatives can and should open themselves to new levels of scrutiny and connectivity with their constituents.

If you support this change, others will take note. Voters will demand this new reality, and politicians will accommodate.

But first, we need an example: someone with a clear vision for this new standard, who is willing to see it through.

I have that vision. And, with your support, I will be that example.

Charlie Verdin
2018 Candidate for Congress
Arizona Congressional District 2

I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.
— George Washington

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Though I intend to vote as much as I can based on actual feedback from my constituents, it's valuable to know where I stand on issues going in. This will help you to understand not only how I am likely to vote on issues in the absence of feedback, but also what types of legislation I will work toward.


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