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The "MIA" Protests

Today I attended a protest outside of a Martha McSally office. The experience confirmed what I already knew: the people are ready for a representative that's ready to actually represent the people of this district; someone who's ready to be accessible to their constituents and to listen to their concerns.

Protesters outside of McSally's office on February 7, 2017.

Protesters outside of McSally's office on February 7, 2017.

The message the protesters were sending was clear and reasonable: they want a proper town hall meeting; one that's accessible and scheduled a reasonable amount of time in advance. In short, they want a chance to be heard.

Now, to be fair to Congresswoman McSally, Congress is in session. She should be in Washington, DC at this time in order to do her job.

However, many people in this district are upset, and they want to speak to her face. It's not unreasonable to expect at least some plan to meet with her constituents face to face one of these weekends, especially not in the wake of the President's series of executive orders and the agenda he's set forth. Especially since that agenda directly impacts this district, and McSally has shown no signs of opposing any part of that agenda.

During today's telephone town hall (which was apparently announced just a few hours before it happened?), McSally claimed that the protest asking for a town hall was organized by "activists" intending to "ambush" her.

And perhaps she's right; perhaps there is an organized effort to ask Republican legislators to face their constituents and account for themselves. However, to me that doesn't sound like an unreasonable expectation. Nor does that sound like an ambush. It sounds like her constituents have a message for her, and she's refusing to listen.

Don't be ashamed of being labeled an activist. Being an activist simply means you're taking an active part in politics. Being an activist means that not only do you care, but that you're willing to DO something about it. Being an activist means you're passionate. I think we could do with a few more activists in this country.


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