Liberal vs. Conservative

Liberal vs. Conservative

The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension... is itself a frightful despotism.
— George Washington, Farewell Address

Am I liberal or a conservative?

I'm not ashamed to say that I'm personally quite liberal. A quick look at my platforms makes that very clear.

However, I don't think this sharp divide between liberals and conservatives is necessary. Like most people, I'm a little of both. Moreover, I come from a heavily conservative hometown; many of my friends and family are conservative, and I have never rejected them for their ideologies. I find their perspectives and their input valuable. We don't always agree, but then neither do I always agree with my liberal friends. We all do each other a disservice when we mischaracterize and demonize each other. We need both the idealistic vision of liberals and the honest pragmatism of conservatives to keep this country stable as it moves forward.

I am running as a Democrat, but I have not been with the party long. I've been liberal all my life, but I have never been a fan of party politics; I did not attach myself to the Democratic Party until I realized I could affect them better from within than I could from without.

That said, this is a very diverse district. If the people of this district tell me that I should vote against my party, I will do so. In the end, I am a servant of my district, not a servant of the Democratic Party.

My loyalty is to the people of southeastern Arizona; not my party, not my personal ideology, but the people of this district.

If elected, I intend to keep a staff of both liberals and conservatives--Democrats, Republicans, and people with no party affiliation--to work with and advise me as I serve this district. It's only right that my staff should be as diverse as the district I serve.