Make This Campaign a Success

It's a simple reality that campaigns cost money. A successful campaign requires travel, advertisements, and events in order to get around and introduce myself to as many people as possible. The best message in the world goes unheard if nobody is able to hear it.

Though I intend to run this campaign as much as possible through my own efforts, I have tens of thousands of people to meet before the primary, and I can't do that on my own. Donations will go toward building a team and an organization to help me run this campaign.

Thank you for considering a donation. Your support means everything.

Donate via ActBlue

Donate via CrowdPAC

Both donation options work similarly. The major difference is that ActBlue raises my profile among Democrats (more important during the primary), while the nonpartisan CrowdPAC raises my profile generally (more important during the general election). Both take processing fees, so if you want to support a service aligned with the Democratic Party you should donate via ActBlue, and if you prefer to support a nonpartisan service you should donate via CrowdPAC.

When the campaign is over, any unspent funds will be donated to Adopt A Classroom to help teachers in Southern Arizona purchase supplies for their classrooms.